Round Betting

UFC round betting is easy to understand, as you are betting on what round you think the fight will end. You can also bet on a certain fighter in a bout in what round you think they will win the fight as well as how they will win. Obviously, this is a more difficult bet to win since you are not just picking one fighter to win the bout, but the round it finishes or what round the fighter will be victorious. Also, the payout odds are much better for this type of bet and this is especially the case if you pick the round and the fighter and those two and how they win.

Here are three examples of round betting:

Basic round bet – choosing the round the bout will end

Round bet + winner of the bout

Round bet + winner of the bout and how they win

Since it is harder to pick the round the payout odds are much better. You can pick the round or if it goes to the judge’s decision. Also, the payout odds will be better for UFC bouts that last five rounds rather than three.

You will see odds for each round that you will have to bet if you think that is what round the fight will finish or what round the fighter you pick will win. For example if you see that a sportsbook has +340 odds for the fight ending in the first round you will have to wager $100 to win $340. As you can see the payout odds are pretty solid for this bet.

You can gain some helpful information on round bets when looking at the fighters that are in the bout. Look at the fighters in a bout and if they have a solid knockout record or most of their fights go to a judge’s decision. Obviously, a round bet is a better one if a fighter in the bout is a knockout artist and is very aggressive rather than passive and picking spots to hurt their opponent.

The round bet is harder to win, but because of that the payout is solid. Picking a fighter to win a fight in a certain round can really net you a nice payout and if you have a feeling on it go for it. You have to be aware that the round bet is a proposition bet and not all sportsbooks will offer them. However, many will and this is especially the case for bigger bouts.