Parlay Betting

Betting on a parlay bet in the UFC is not only one of the harder bets to win, but because of that it can be the most profitable. Parlay betting is betting on two or more fights, basically 2-12 fights, and putting them together in one wager. To win a parlay bet you will have to win every fight in the bet for it to be a winner, but the more fights you parlay the bigger the profit will be if it is a winner.

Let’s say you see three fights that you want to wager on that don’t have great payout odds. You could bet on all three and do ok, but if you have your picks for every one and want to parlay them you odds can be pretty sweet. If you pick three fighters to win a parlay bet every one will have to win their bout in order for the bet to be a winner. That can be tough in a parlay, as you can make an 11-fight parlay and if you win 10 and lose one your bet is still a loser.

Since a parlay bet is more difficult to win the payout is better. The more fights that you parlay the greater the payout will be. For example a 7-fight parlay will have a much better payout than a 2-fight parlay. This is pretty obvious, as it is easier to pick winners for two fights than 7. The payout for the parlay bet will vary, as it will depend on the odds for the fight. Sportsbooks will let you make the parlay and then check out the odds before you make your final say on whether to make the bet or not.

One of the cool things about parlay betting is that you do not have to pick fighters to win a fight, but put some proposition bets in there too. For example if you make a UFC 5-fight parlay you could pick 3 fighters to win, one for what round a fight will be won, and 1 for how the fight will be won. With proposition bets in a parlay the payout can be quite significant, as prop bets have increased odds, which only adds to the excitement, as you can win some serious green

There are many sportsbooks that will have cross-sport parlay bets as well. These are bets where you are betting on 2 or more events and they do not have to be for the UFC. For example, if you make a 3-event cross-sport parlay you could be betting on a UFC fight, a NFL game, and a NBA game. These types of bets are not as common, but there are sportsbooks out there that offer them.

Parlay betting is a very exciting thing, but it can also be heartbreaking as well. If you win your all of your fights getting ready for a solid payout and then lose the last one the whole bet is lost. This can sting, but giving yourself the chance to win big is always an exciting thing. This is exactly what UFC prop betting gives you.

Just like with any other UFC bet you should do some handicapping for each fight before making the wager. You do not want to go into a bet blind and this is especially the case for a proposition bet since it gives you the chance at a significant payout.