Method of Victory Bet

The Method of Victory bet is one that is easy to understand, as you simply have to choose how the fight will end. It will either end in a knockout, submission, or a judge’s decision. These are the options that you have to choose from, as sportsbooks will have odds for each of these methods of victory. Another type of method of victory bet can be choosing a fighter to win as well as how they will win it.

The three methods of victory are:

KO/TKO (Knockout)


Judge Decision – Points

In the method if victory bet you do not have to pick a fighter or a round just how the fight will end. This type of wager is also one of the easier ones to handicap. While a fight that has a couple of big time knockout artists may be harder to pick a winner, especially with even odds, it is a good method of victory bet to make since the KO may be the solid choice. Also, if a couple of grapplers are going at it then a submission pick may be the way to go. You have to be aware that the sportsbooks know this information as well as and will post their odds accordingly.

The method of victory bet can be shown in the moneyline or decimal form. Let’s take a look at a decimal form for an example of one of these types of bets.

Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones

KO – 3.10

Submission – 5.00

Judge’s decision – 1.67

As you can see by the example above oddsmakers think the fight will go to points with that having the lowest odds.

Here is an example of a method of victory bet for a fighter.

Daniel Cormier by KO – 10.00

Daniel Cormier by submission  – 15.00

Daniel Cormier on points – 5.50

Jon Jones by KO – 4.00

Jon Jones by submission – 6.00

Jon Jones on points – 2.25

Draw 51.00

In this example above the best payout is for the draw, which is pretty rare, and the worst is for Jones winning on points.

The method of victory bet is not only easy to understand, but it can also be very profitable if you make the right pick. Most sportsbooks will have this popular type of UFC bet, but like any other type of bet, it is always a good idea to shop around to get the best odds possible.