Betting Strategy

UFC fighting is a great thing to bet on and while no bet is a sure thing there are some strategies that you can follow in order to increase your chances at making money. Here are some tips that may help you when making UFC Bets.

Watch Out For the Big Favorite – When you make a bet on a heavy favorite the chances are you will win the bet. However, you have to be careful when betting on the favorite, as they sometimes lose and this can be a heavy hit to your bankroll. A heavy favorite will not have solid payout odds so you will have to bet more to get a significant payout. However, if the underdog wins than you may be out some serious green since you may have wagered more on the favorite with heavy odds.

The public predominately bets on the favorite and because of this the odds are even increased making the payout less when betting on them. If you have a UFC betting bankroll losing a bet on a heavy favorite can sting considering many bettors bet more since the heavy favorite should win the bout, but we all know that is not always the case.

Underdogs, especially short ones, are the better bet – This is pretty easy to understand, as underdog odds are better payouts since they are the underdog. Betting against the public and winning is the best way to be successful when betting on the UFC. However, that means betting on underdogs and short underdogs are the way to go since the fights are more even.

Don’t Go Overboard – You should not bet on all the fights in a UFC card because, for the most part, oddsmakers are right on when it comes to fight info and the odds they put out. However, when you handicap fights you can find some where you can get a legitimate edge on the sportsbook. Still, this is not commonplace and betting on many fights on a card can be a risky proposition. It is advantageous for you to pick and choose your fights to wager on to not only get the best information, but also the best odds possible.

Shop Around – While most odds on UFC fights are almost the same at all sportsbooks the keyword is nearly. If you know you have a fight you want to wager on it is always a good idea to check at various sportsbooks in order to get the best odds possible, which will mean the best payout if the fight you pick is a winner. This is especially the case if you plan to lay down significant money one fight.

Don’t Forget Proposition Bets – There are many types of UFC bets that you can make and most sportsbooks have proposition bets. A couple can be bets such as method of victory and round betting. If you really want to lay some green on a UFC fight, but are not sure about the fighter than the proposition bet is the way to go. Many times proposition bets have better odds than a straight bet on a fight, as you could be betting on such things as what round the fight will be won and how it will be won.

Handicap Fights – Before you bet on a fight you should always do a little handicapping. Do not just take the sportsbooks word for why a fighter is a favorite in a bout, but why that is the case. Look at the current form a fighter and how they have staked up, in their last few bouts, facing the style of fighter they will be facing. The more you handicap a fight the more information that you can get, which will increase your chance of making the right, ergo winning, bet.