UFC Betting



Welcome to a hand picked selection of the best sports books to place a wager on MMA or UFC fights These bookies have a proven history of on-time payments with responsive customer service.




Bovada - MMA fights, ultimate fighting, they have it all. There is really no need to go elsewhere. The new major focus of this sportsbook has been in offering UFC fans a place to bet on all of the matches.

They make it easy and the odds are tight. If you do win you never have to worry about payouts, as being the largest sportsbook in the world they are well funded and will expedite your winnings to you as fast as possible. Being the largest also means they have a well trained staff that is trained to answer the toll free phone or email every minute of the pay, all year round.

Bet Online



Bet Online - Another clear leading in sports betting. They have a hip brand and are all into the MMA rage. They advertise all over the place and are quickly expanding to become one of the top sports books in the world.

 If you feel like playing at the casino we were pleasantly surprised at how authentic the games were especially the blackjack. We cannot recommend this sports book enough, and as UFC becomes an even more dominant force they will be around to service customers from all over the world.

GT Bets


GT Bets - This is the newest bookie that we are recommending. They have taken the sports betting world by storm and they offer some of the best UFC odds on the planet. The customer service is top notch, if you have any questions they will respond to you ASAP. They offer fast payments of winnings as well as the ability to bet on other sports.

Sports Betting.ag


Sports Betting.ag - This sportsbook packs quite a punch. Bet on your favorite fighters they are the top book maker when it comes to the UFC or mixed martial arts. They've been around for a long time. They have some of the best customer service in the industry feel free to contact them 24 hour a day 7 days a week, they will always make time to hear you out.

They have a nice package of casino games, and a poker room for betting on the side. They also process all payments super fast, striving to do this faster than anyone else in the industry.